Recover a Failed RAID Array with Disks that Haven’t Actually Failed

  • Ali

    Thank you 🙂 spent 6 hours looking for a correct answer to this problem. I even reached the point when loosing my 4 To of data would have been acceptable. But what a surprise to find it back again 🙂 good article, precise step by step, your screenshot were very usefull. have a good night !

    • Jordan Hopfner

      Glad you found it useful, it’s a scary sight seeing a RAID failure! I now do nightly backups since that happened to me!

  • Chen Han

    I have to say thank to you. I meet same problem as you faced, and able to restore all data because your guide.

    • You’re welcome, glad to see you were able to restore your data!

  • Dan

    This article is a god send. Thank you so much for this explanation. Your problem was identical to mine and I was able to restore my system back to normal in less than thirty minutes after reviewing these procedures. I hope everyone with similar problems can find this article and avoid the stress and disappointment of losing TBs of data. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • You’re welcome Dan, having a RAID failure is a scary sight and really makes you think about doing a secondary backup. I now do nightly, versioned backups of all my important data should my array completely die or the controller. It was my wake up call, you simply can’t rely on RAID alone!

  • You’re welcome Bennett, glad it helped you!

  • Thanks! helped a lot!