Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

  • Nitin Agarwal

    Wonderful !
    It works 🙂

  • Van Nguyen

    Tried other tutorials but they couldn’t help.

    Luckily found this and It works. Perfect 😀


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  • Yann David

    I’m unable to use local printer and drives is there a way to do so?

    • Jordan Hopfner

      Mine doesn’t work either – I’m not sure why!

  • JM Warenda

    There are some files missing from Win 7 Home Premium required for features such as clipboard sharing. rdpclip.exe is supposed to run on the remote system when you log in, but if you check, there is no rdpclip.exe in the System32 directory in Win 7 Home Premium. I run Ultimate on my primary system, so I simply copied all rdp*.* files not present on the Home Premium system over, and restarted my connection. That’s all it took. Now it loads rdpclip.exe on login and my clipboard is shared. I haven’t tested local print support yet.

    • Jordan Hopfner

      Interesting tip, thanks JM! I just upgraded to Ultimate 2 days ago so I no longer need this hack but it would be interesting to know if all the files copied over enables the drive and print sharing as well.

  • Jim Phelps

    Thanks for this! It worked – that’s all I can say. Shame on Microsoft for skipping a useful feature.

    • Jordan Hopfner

      You’re welcome sir! Micro$oft wants you to upgrade your OS to professional or ultimate to get these features!

  • l4stewar

    Seems a little sketchy to run some random .exe’s/.dll’s like this. Are these files just copied from Ultimate? Will this work all the same if I use my own dlls copied from an ultimate or server install?

    • l4stewar

      And thanks btw 🙂 Lack of rdp server on home premium has been infuriating and I’m glad you had the ingenuity to try this out.

  • kevin

    works to the point where i have to provide user credentials using the correct user but it wont accept my password. Any ideas?

    • Jordan Hopfner

      There are only 2 things I can think of that might be causing that. One is you must have a password set, and the other is if you go into your System Properties and click Remote Settings, you can try clicking the radio button that says ‘Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)’. Do so at your own risk though!

      • peterhenley

        are you saying it wil not work at all unless you copy the files over from Ultimate? Does not work for me, just running the cmd ….

        • Jordan Hopfner

          You don’t need to copy any files from Ultimate to get RDP working, everything needed is in the article.

        • peterhenley

          oops – spoke to soon – working thanks! the remote desktop info does not show up in Remote tab of control panel advanced system settings though…..

          • Jordan Hopfner

            Ooops yeah I guess it wouldn’t on Home Premium, duhhh my bad!

  • koos

    perfect, thanks very much for this. It is working fine.

  • Marc Matz

    This is great! In the past, my workaround for the lack of Remote Desktop was to install TightVNC. This is fine for me, but adds yet another program to an install. Not only this, but it’s another port to leave open for maintenance. Bravo!

  • gegregre

    doesn’t work I go to the remote settings and it still says the same thing, before I installed this.

  • Antonio

    wow this really works, thx a lot dude! I always liked Moneysoft a lot but this is kinda too far from them…

  • Shoyemans

    Remote desktop is working but printers are not being redirected.

  • byronhero

    Fantastic thanks!
    Controlling my pc via android tablet now using 2X Client.

  • Ben

    Thanks for your help….

  • Josh

    Thanks, it worked really well!!!

  • jabroni

    I ran this and I got “Error: Unknown Checsksum… Exiting” “Service is not listening” on port 3389
    any suggestions on how to fix this?

    • Jordan Hopfner

      Hmmm, I wonder if maybe you have different DLL’s than the ones it’s trying to patch. Are you on SP1?

  • gobbim

    Great, great ! It is working, really good script ! Thank you. I have to connect from my netbook to my computer with Windows 7 Home and now I can forget about LogmeIn or TeamViewer and packages do not leave my LAN.
    Thank you once again !

  • Mike

    How do i turn it off? What if I want to stop remote access?

    • Jordan Hopfner

      You need to restore the original home premium files. The script should’ve created backup files in your system32 folder.

  • Alexandro

    This works only in win7 build 7601, not genuine copy of win 7!

  • Charlotte

    I have an older hp computer which has Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I just bought a new computer which comes with Windows 7 home. I want to be able to connect these two together as there are a lot of programs and documents that \i have on my older computer that I don’t really want to put on my new one. I am putting all of my video and photo prgrams on my new one. What I want is for the new computer to be the main computer and for me to be able to access the older one. Can you do this or would I have to download the “fix” so that my new computer is the one that taps into my old one?

  • Ben

    What about sound? Apparently “there is a problem with my sound card”. How can I enable that, since for my purposes the sound is required.

  • You’re the man. Worked great. Unbelievable. Microsoft sucks.

  • Stephen

    Trying to remote in from Linux Mint Maya using Remmina. Asks if I accept finger print then fails. Do I need to add a remote desktop user or will an admin account work. Any ideas about the failure?

    • Stephen

      Well, I changed the entry in the domain field to the computer name, and now it brings up the RDP UI, but all I see is the default Maya desktop background.

      • Stephen

        Works great from another windows machine. Nice job!

  • John

    Doesn’t work for me. When I try to RDP from my XP machine, the login screen comes up. But when I log in, the RDP session crashes on the XP machine and the login screen comes up on the Windows 7 machine. BUT .. I cannot log back into the Windows 7 machine. When I try, a screen flashes that seems to have a command box open and then the login screen comes back up. I have to restart the machine to get back in. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium – SP1, 64 Bit.

  • joao

    It worked for me ! Thanks

  • Hope it works for me.. using Windows 7 HP 64bit here.


  • Randy Barker

    Thanks a lot. For anyone who wonders,this does work for Home Premium 64bit.

  • Raz

    Worked for me, however I don’t have any sound. I’ve ensured that “play on this computer” is selected before I connect to the remote host.

    Any suggestions?

  • Ivelina

    Thanks! :)))))))

  • Andrew

    Does this enable connection from a 3g smartphone not using wi-fi?

    • Jordan Hopfner

      It will allow any program to connect using the RDP protocol, doesn’t matter your connection type.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much! This works perfectly 🙂

  • R Gelinas

    Mine has worked since installed but now Windows update is offering an optional Windows RDP 8.0 update for the new Win 8 Remote Desktop client. Will this update break my hacked Win 7 Home Premium Remote Desktop Server?

    • Mike Rothaus

      Mine stopped working recently too. It must be a recent update. I tried re-running the install.cmd, but it didn’t help.

  • Ron

    Works perfectly.

  • works perfectly

  • Steve

    The zip file is missing from the Media Fire server. What has happened to it? Where else can I find it?


    • Jordan Hopfner

      New link added, sorry about that!

      • Steve

        Thanks very much. Works great!

  • Hi,

    I have 2x (Genuine) Windows 7 Home Premium machines, one is tucked away in a difficult location and is used as my Media Center, so I need to Remote Desktop to it to perform updates, correct the usual aggravating Windows issues, etc…

    I have installed the hack on both machines, and have found it only works one-way, unfortunately for me, the wrong way.

    I can access my main W7HP machine from the W7HP Media Center, but I can’t access the Media Center from my main machine.

    When I ran Install.cmd (as administrator) it worked great on my main machine, but on the Media Centre I am told that I have an incorrect W7 build (apparently it’s only for build 7601). I don’t know how to find out what build it is that I have installed.

    Can I upgrade my build somehow to the correct one for the hack?

    Cheers, Scott.

    • Jordan Hopfner

      Hmmm, that’s weird. I’m not sure what to recommend in this case! What build are you running?

  • Dara

    Hi there,

    First thank you SO MUCH for this. I ran the hack and it seemed to work. I verified that my machine is listening on port 3389 with netstat. I also checked that the Remote Desktop service is running and did a reboot just to make sure. Windows Firewall is checked to allow RDP through.

    I’m trying to connect to my home machine with my iPad using an app made for this purpose. (Worked over VNC once upon a time…)

    The issue is when I go to Remote Settings in my System Properties the entire section for Remote Desktop is missing. So I can’t select any of the options to allow connections.

    Is there something else I should try to make this show up?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Dara S.

    • Jordan Hopfner

      Dara, the tab won’t show up… This hack only allows remote desktop connections, it doesn’t change any GUI’s.

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  • Manos

    Thanks! It works like a charm!

  • Dan

    This workaround does not work for my Win 7 Home Premium.

    As witnessed by ScottBouch above, the install suggests that the hack is specific to Windows 7 Build 7601.

    I have build 7600.( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion.)

    Do we have any information regarding this situation and-or an alternative workaround?

    Much thanks

  • Mrst

    Seems to have worked for me, Build 7601 however cmd “install” is not a valid cmd to enable multiple sessions. Am I missing something?

  • Seb

    Thanks! Works perfect on Win 7 Home Premium x64 sp1!

  • Scott

    The process completes successfully, however, when attempting to remote login, it shows a process dialog then disappears with no RDC window open.

    Win 7 HP SP1 x64

    • Scott

      Update: got it to work, however, no sound control. As with the clipboard feature discussed above, are there specific sound-related files missing in HP that would be available in Ultimate to control sound in a RDC?

  • Scott V

    I got the script installed ok, but I don’t have options to make this computer a host.

    either that, or I’m missing something else.  am I to install the 64_rdpclip.exe file also?

  • Scott V

    how does one determine what the name of the computer is to log in?

    IP Address?  This computer is on a network part of a workgroup.


  • Jonny

    No wonder people rip off Windows software – I have a Mac too and out of the box features way exceed those of Windows.  Somehow Microsoft seem to make things way more difficult. Apple have a slicker policy of non-greed (from my experience) but that in turn reaps them more revenue.  I’m looking forward to trying this later – I was hitting my head thinking it was a firewall issue… now I know the truth… Microsoft are showing off their usual stupidity!  🙂

  • stenige

    Thank you very much, works perfect on Win 7 Home Premium x64 sp1!

  • G@s

    I am looking for something similar for Windows 8, any one?

  • RKD

    How do you turn multi on and off? I’d like to be able to log onto PC 1 as user A, and then RDC in from PC 2 as user B without logging off user A, which this patch enables. But I’d also like to RDC in from PC 2 as user A and take over the original user A login. As it is now, I get a second user A login. In the case of my media center I want to take over the user currently playing videos as well as administer it without disturbing the user currently playing videos. Can I get what I want?

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